Musical Culture Opportunities of the 1930s

Ad for Anna Von Meyerinck, music instructor at 824 Taraval Street, from SF Symphony program, 1932., 1932 - Courtesy of Ann Jennings.

Alice Berning-Roe, voice coach, 446 Castenada Avenue, 1934 ad from SF Municipal Chorus program.. - Courtesy of Ann Jennings.

Thanks to WNP member Ann K. Jennings, who sent us a couple of programs from the 1930s for the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Municipal Chorus. Both had a few ads for music teachers doing business in the western side of town.

Even in the middle of the Great Depression, people found ways to take private lessons and broaden their cultural horizons musically. Or perhaps the tough times meant more people needing work were forced to make their hobby a small business? Both Mr. Wegman and Mme. Meyerinck look pretty serious and darned qualified...

Willem Wegman, Violin teacher, 878 36th Avenue, 1932 ad from SF Symphony program., 1932 - Courtesy of Ann Jennings.

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