Miraloma Elementary School

First Miraloma Elementary School on Sequoia Way in the 1940s - Courtesy of Valerie Hoover

Location: 175 Omar Way, San Francisco, CA 94127

Opened: 1940
Rebuilt: 1952

The current Miraloma Elementary School building was erected in 1952, but Valerie Hoover remembers attending the original school in the late 1940s (and sent us the old photo on this page):

"This was when the school consisted of wooden portable classrooms, single level, shaped with one classroom on each end and then four additional classrooms in between, forming a "U" or a "C." The playground was in the middle and consisted of asphalt or cement. Several years later, the school was rebuilt at its current location. The old wooden school faced Sequoia Way, between Bella Vista and Myra Way. I think it is a playfield now.

"Note the U-shape school; at the far left is the book storage room, in back of that you can see a peek of an added-on classroom which was used for 4th grade. At the far right, you can see the very small custodian's shed. He would go around to each classroom, probably a couple of times a day, with a bucket with coal to add to the pot belly stove which stood in each classroom. Sequoia Way is the street which you can see in front of the school. Bella Vista Avenue is at the bottom of the slope of Sequoia. Mount Davidson in the background.

"At the time I attended the old Miraloma School, the idea was that there would be one classroom per grades K-5. By the time I reached 4th grade, the 5th and 6th grade classes had to go to West Portal Elementary because there were too many students to fit into the six classrooms (a seventh room and bookroom was added later in back of the classroom closest to Bella Vista Avenue). Since West Portal Elementary was so far away, we all took the public bus #36 Miraloma line, which made a special two-block run up Dewey Boulevard to drop us off at the West Portal school."

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