Kieser's Colonial Creamery

Irving Street between 19th and 20th Avenues, 1946. Kieser's, Rightway Market, and Brooks Stationery. , 1946 - Courtesy of Ellen Kieser.

Opened: 1946

Location: 1833 Irving Street, on the south side between 19th and 20th avenues, in San Francisco's Sunset District.

As Ellen Kieser recalled for Lorri Ungaretti's history book on the Sunset District, deliveries of the ice cream could prove a problem in the early days: "Sometimes a driver was sure that he could make it across a sand dune but would get stuck on the way to a delivery."

In later years, Kieser's was better known as a classic neighborhood coffee shop with an excellent breakfast menu. As of 2010, the building is used by Pho Huynh Hiep 2, a noodle house.

The cheerful staff at Kieser's Colonial Creamery in 1946. Viola (Nelson) Cook on far right., 1946 - Courtesy of Ellen Kieser.

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