Sporting Goods Stores

03/25/07 - posted by John Martini

What was the name of the sporting goods store located on Haight Street a block or so east of Ashbury? I remember going there to pick up my St. Ignatius jacket for my Junior year.

It was a memorable trip going to that store for two reasons:

1. The rite-of-passage of picking up the leather-sleaved blue woolen SI jacket, a garment that made me feellike a real teenager for the first time, and...

2. Negotiating the traffic and crowds on Haight Street in August 1967 -- the belly of the beast of the Summer of Love. We newly-minted Wildcat Juniors with our pegged pants and stiff SI jackets sort of stood out in the patchouli soaked crowd.

Jeez, what was that place's name??

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