Re: Dave Sullivans Sporting Goods

03/25/07 - posted by Dennis O'Rorke

I remember way back when I used to fish for Striped Bass at Ocean Beach we used to use a casting lure that was called a "Mickey Mouse" which went for about a dollar. Not having an abundance of disposable income, my inventory of these lures was rather sparse. And quite often during the frenzy of a Bass "run", you would send your last lure sailing off into the vast pacific. The same thing could also happen even if you were fishing with a Bug-Eye and Uncle Josh pork rind off the Pipeline. Anyway, the only place you could get another lure was Sullivan's, which necessitated a frantic trip up Geary before the birds stopped working. One of the kids who fished off the Pipeline was Jim Holt, now sadly deceased. His brother worked at Sullivans for a long time. The family lived right up the block. There was another long time employee who worked there also, I believe his name was Angie.
And then there were the Lombardis' up at Second and Clement where you could but Whammo slingshots. Park Presidio Sporting Goods? That was before they moved over to Polk? and started selling all that glitzy ski stuff.

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