Re: Dave Sullivans Sporting Goods

03/20/19 - posted by Ed Bonuccelli

Reading Dennis O'Rourke's post above brought back memories of my dad fishing for stripers at the Taraval "hole" at Ocean Beach using the same gear. Tho' he made his own fishing poles used only for surf casting. I remember his last pole was 14 feet long so he could cast out to where the birds were working.
Other times when he and I would go fishing together we would get up about 5:00 a.m., go have breakfast at the Pancake house at Playland or the Flying saucer restaurant on Geary, then go to Sullivan's to buy shrimp and big sardines for bait. Then we would head out to fish Fort Point, Baker's beach, or out at Ocean Beach.
I used to love to look at all the "stuff" at Sullivans. Good times as a young kid.

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