Re: Dave Sullivans Sporting Goods

03/21/07 - posted by Paul Judge

Woody, it’s great that you are going to remember an important merchant that served the neighborhood for many decades. Folks in the Richmond regarded Sullivan’s with much respect during the '50s and 60's when I knew it as a customer.

Sullivan's was where Dad and Mom would pick up frozen shrimp that we used for bait when they took us pier fishing. I recall that two to four bits got us a lot of bait that we used to hook shiners, bullhead, and occasionally snag a crab. We likened our bent fishing poles to the deep-sea tuna fishermen that we saw on TV shows such as, “I Search for Adventure” or “You Asked For It”.
My sisters rented their downhill ski equipment when they went on school ski trips or were asked along by their friends. When I started backpacking in high school Sullivan’s was where I’d ‘gear up’ if I didn’t have the time to get downtown to the Smilie Company, an old time outfitter, on Jessie Street. I too noticed Sullivan’s vacant storefront a few months back and mention made in a story thread and mourned the passing of an old neighborhood institution.

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