Playland, Jeremy Ets Hokins & Investors

12/06/06 - posted by phil

I want to thank you all for your comments about Jeremy Ets Hokins. I have another favor to ask of anyone who is still alive that can answer more questions about Mr. Ets Hokins? If possible, any investors who participated in Jeremy Ets Hokins scam I would love to talk with you and get more information on how this whole scam began with Mr. Hokins, what prompted the investors to pull out? What happen to the $80 million that was invested? Certainly, Mr. Ets Hokins sure couldnít spend $80 million dollars on his own personal life style in the 1970ís or could he? How many investors lost their shirt with Mr. Ets Hokins? Why was Playland Sold? If Mr. Hokins was a famous developer of Monterey, California and his respected family who lived in Monterey at the time. Why did he need so many investors since his family had so much money to begin with in the past?

The article about Mr. Ets Hokins outlining only $351.00 disability check when he died at age 55 is heard to believe, but I can believe it! What ever happen to his family? Where are they living today if they are still alive?

Sure this is water under the bridge on what happen to my family, but I would love to know the real truth about what happened with the investors. Did Mr. Ets Hokins wreck their lives where they had to sell their homes and pay off massive loans or declare bankruptcy at the time? Itís taken me 25 years to figure out this complex investment scam that Mr. Est. Hokins caused during the early 1970ís. When I drive by where Playland once stood, it makes me mad that a man Ets Hokins did to peopleís lives.

Iím appealing to any investors that participated in the Playland Project at the time when Mr. Jeremy Ets Hokins who defrauded the monies. What kind of man was Jeremy Ets Hokins? Let me hear from you.

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