Playland & Playland, Jeremy Ets Hokins

11/29/06 - posted by phil - lumahaibeach50<at>

The Hokins Family was a well respected in Monterey, California. Jeremy on the other hand took many risks always trying to make a quick buck to maintain his lifestyle.

I remember Playland at the beach, including laughing Sal, the roller coaster rides, cotton candy and the fun times on the beach when I was a child. All that changed when Playland was closed and sold to a developer by the name of Jeremy Ets Hokins who planned to develop the property with townhouses, condominiums and shops in the early 1970’s. But Jeremy Ets Hokins couldn’t afford to fund the project by himself; instead Mr. Hokins had to find several investors to fund the project. However, the project really never got off the ground floor as Mr. Hokins was using the monies that the investors had put into the Playland Project Development for his personal lifestyle and leading the investors on thinking that the project would be built but more of a stall tactic then anything since Mr. Hokins had spent most of the monies that were invested in the development project. Once the investors caught on to what Mr. Hokins was doing with the investor’s monies, the investors took what was left out of the funds leaving the remaining investors with major losses. One of those investors was my father, who had invested almost $7 million dollars of his own money and lost it all, just because Mr. Hokins had to live a luxury lifestyle and defraud other investors along the way just for his personal gain. What is the saying? What goes around comes around! Mr. Jeremy Ets Hokins went to prison for only seven years when he should have gone for 40 years behind bars. What happen to my father? He lost everything, the house in Hillsborough, ended up going bankrupt in the end. My father never confided in my mother when all this was going on in the early 1970’s. The way she found out was when loans were coming due that he couldn’t pay. My father had paid a big price for what Jeremy Ets Hokins did in defrauding the investors behind the Playland Project. My mother passed away in 1987, my father passed away in the summer of 2000. If the Hokins Children ever knew what their father had done and how he destroyed peoples lives all because of his personal gains, then they should give some of the monies back to the investors who lost so much.

The Playland Project was never built in the early 1970’s but started in the 1980’s. Today, when you drive to the Great Highway (known as highway 1) you’ll see condo’s townhouses, and shops where Playland once stood. When stop to look, think about how Jeremy Ets Hokins defrauded so many investors loosing millions of dollars. How much did the investors loose in Mr. Hokins little scam? I heard it was close to $80 million.

So, now when I think about Playland at the beach, I think how Jeremy Ets Hokins defrauded my father out of $7 million dollars.

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