07/09/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

Out here on 46th Avenue these days feral cats and raccoons are frequent nighttime visitors. However, I recall one night about 4 years ago, a friend and I were coming home from a night of clubbing - and I couldn't believe what I saw - no, not a pink elephant (ha ha) - a possum!! Or should a say an opossum - a female - I could tell - there she was right in front of my stairs. The possum looked up through her long snout at the lights of the car and ran away - her long mammaries shaking as she ran. My friend saw it too - so I know we hadn't just had one drink too many - I had never seen a possum in the city before - in fact the last time I had seen one was up in the country many years ago near Russian River. Since then I have heard that possums do inhabit San Francisco - usually way on the other side of town near McLaren Park - but not usually out here in the Sunset. Any other possum sightings to report in the Western Neighborhoods lately?

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