07/28/06 - posted by Tom Bratton

This brings to mind all the sightings I had out at the Sutro Baths ruins. A Red Fox darting accros a clearing near the stairs to the ruins at the far end of Merrie Way. A baby Garter Snake that was heading for sure disaster near the bus stop by Loui's Restaurant. I was able to return it to some heavy vegetation far from our resident Great Blue Heron. How about a huge pod of whales passing very near shore around Seal Rocks in early May of this year. A few were in the breakers by Point Lobos. The pod was visible for hours. A truly amazing sight. Often we would see Dolphins playing around the same area.

Do you remember all the ground squirrels and pigeons on both sides of the fence between the Cliff House and the Sutro Ruins? Well, all thoes rodents of ground and air are gone thanks, we think, to a resident Red Tail Hawk crusing the area.

I have also sighted a Peregrine Falcon hovering above the western edge of Merrie Way using the up draft coming from the Sutro ruins. This area is definitely part of OUR WILD KINGDOM.

And yes, I do remember the bunnies in the west end of GG Park while driving in the early morning out to Sutro Baths when it was in operation.

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