07/20/06 - posted by Paul Judge

Postings from this thread and newspaper articles support evidence that coyote are living again in the City. I recall a Herb Caen column from the 1960’s mentioning that a bounty hunter had bagged the last coyote in the Presidio. My Dad and uncles told of hunting quail, rabbit, and mostly tin cans out in the City dunes and up on Mnt. San Bruno around W.W. I.

Sounds as though coyote, and their cousin the fox, following the example of racoon, skunk and possum, are invading the surrounding neighborhoods knocking over garbage cans, harassing pets, and eating pet food. I wonder what their scat looks like? Diamonds in the rough?

My imagination wanders...if coyote are coming into the City from Marin the Golden Gate Bridge District must be irked because they don't pay bridge toll. This could get out of hand, soon elk and deer may cry for equal access and opportunity. The four leggeds could demand ferry and bus service. In the hinterlands otter, bear, and wolf grow antsy. City resident fox, Red Tailed Hawks, and Great Horned Owls grow alarmed at the encroachment and new competition they face in the local food web. In the Marina a business springs up called “The Paw and Talon” catering to niche dietary needs of urban wildlife. The SPCA is urged to set up an intervention task force to deter crimes committed by gangs of rowdy urban animals. Homeland Security puts out a press release, “Nature is attacking with illegal immigrants and terrorist thugs.”

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