Re: Stonestown's Portal of Music

06/05/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

WOW - you got to see Johnny Mathis LIVE for free in front of Portals to Music?? So cool!! Just a bit before my time, though. I do remember Portals to Music - and the listening booths. I bought many many many records there - before Tower Records opened in North Beach. I remember buying mostly "45's" there at Portals - and only a few LP's - but it was so cool to get to listen to them first - or (as most teens did) spend an entire after-school afternoon sitting in a booth listening to all your favorite music - pretending that you were actually going to BUY something - ha ha! I think the owners of the store finally got wise!!

When I was growing up, Johnny Mathis' cousins went to Holy Name with my best friends Mary and Renee. And as a teenager I DID hang out in Stonestown - but the only even remotely famous person I ever met there was Greg Sherwood - Don Sherwood's son - he was the MC at the annual Christmas show one year - and, back then, he was SUCH A FOX (as we used to say in the 70's) - now he's on PBS - and, just like me - he looks OLD!!

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