Stonestown's Portal of Music

06/05/06 - posted by Nancy Ebert Walters - nhwalters<at>

Does anyone remember the time that Johnny Mathis sang out in front of the Portals to Music store in Stonestown? I was in high school (Lincoln)and lived in Ingleside Terrace, so it was probably between 1957 and 1959. I remember that there was a big crowd, that Johnny stood up on something, a box or stand and sang. I have been a huge Johnny fan since that day, and have seen him in concert twice. The store is where I bought all my records after listening in the "booths", what fun. I also remember when Stonestown was a field and I had to ride my bike around it to get further west. Stonestown was great but did away with a lot of our trips "downtown" on the streetcar to buy our clothes and gifts. I live in North Carolina now, but my heart is in SF. Nancy

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