Re: Sutro Super

04/03/08 - posted by karen

Didn't find this message board until Feb, 2008. I'm so glad I did! Sorry I missed this original post. I lived on 44th just down the street from Sutro's. Every payday for my single Mom, I'd accompany her to Sutro's for the family grocery shopping. I clearly remember her exasperated expression when we were at the checkout and she would ask more than once, "how did that get in there?", since my brothers and I would ALWAYS find something we thought needed to be added to the cart!

The produce manager had his eye on my Mom, so he'd let me spray the vegetables. Oh, I thought that was huge deal! Of course, he'd pump me for information on Mom while I did the spraying. They went out on a date, once, maybe even twice.

There were some Saturdays my girlfriends and I (around age 9)would ride our bikes to Sutro's, get a sandwich from the butcher (ham & cheese on a french roll, mustard on one side, mayonnaise on the other)a drink and chips. We'd then ride on down to Sutro Heights and play and picnic. Ah, life was good!! We'd usually go on down to the Cliff House and laugh at the tourists who were shivering in their shorts with their cameras around their necks.

Those were great times and wonderful memories of those late 60's days.

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