Re: Sutro Super

08/29/06 - posted by Paul Rosenberg

Sutro Super was constructed in 1954 and went out of business in 1994. Eddy Essa was the proprietor and his family still owns the property (25 Point Lobos Avenue). Actually, the building housed two plus businesses. Originally, there was a pharmacy in the smaller portion and the market in the larger portion. The market was more Petrini oriented than Safeway in that one paid at the grocer, paid at the baker, paid at the liquor store, or paid at the butcher/deli. In later years, the pharmacy gave way to a Laundromat.

In the market, one entered from Point Lobos or from Geary. The entrance was midway. The grocery was the entire western portion. The butcher, baker, liquor store shared the eastern portion.

The grocer operated another location in Laurel Village and when Sutro Super closed in 1994 a good number of the grocery folks went to work in the other location.

It is sad that so few places (like Andronico, Tower (or whatever it is now), and a few others) have real butchers who show both sides of the meat and make cooking suggestions.

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