Re: Sutro Super

05/29/06 - posted by Dennis

I just vaguely recall there being a relatively large plant nursery on the South East corner of 42nd. Ave.+Geary. Right where that church is now. And down on Balboa on one of those North East corners where a large apartment house now sits, there was a whole cluster of small cottages on what seemed to be a fairly woodsy lot. I knew someone that lived there so it must have been "affordable housing".I just can't recall which corner they were on. I remember the pharmacy on the corner where the Hot House went in. They had a free scale inside. And down Balboa a bit was the "Herpatarium" or something like that. I had a friend, Jack Haight, who lived off and on in his family home about halfway down the East side of 42nd. Ave. between Geary and Anza. They had a great brown shingled house that was on a double lot with a view of the ocean. There was a large family that lived just up from them but I can't remember their name. Al Anderson, a Richmond Native, ran Tree Frog Music on Balboa for awhile.

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