Re: re: Juan Crespi 2nd Grade Home School Photo

02/02/18 - posted by Judith (Banks) Simmons

The location of Juan Crespi Home School was located at the SW corner of 24th and Quintara ST. It opened in Sept 1951. I was a student on the first day it opened and was there until the end of the 3rd grade. After the 1st year, the word "Home" was dropped and it was then called Juan Crespi school or just plain Crespi. 4th to 6th grades were at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School or just plain Jefferson. Then 7th - 9th grades were at Herbert Hoover Jr. High School or just plain Hoover, and finally,10th to 12th grades at Abraham Lincoln High School across from Crespi. My 12th grade needed space so many of the Seniors had classes at Crespi for one year. The low toilets, sinks and water fountains had never been replaced so the students had to use the small facilities. I have pictures of all of the above statements.

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