Re: pinelake meat market

10/05/05 - posted by Mimi

I remember Pinelake Market very well. My mother shopped there every day.
I remember Nello, Guido and Cookie. I believe Cookie was killed in action
in WWll. I lived on 23rd near Vicente. (30's,40's, early 50's)
Those were the days when the Parkside was like a small town. The people who owned the neighborhood market were your friends. They came to the weddings and funerals in the neighborhood. When I had my children and would visit my mother, she always took the grandchildren over to the market to say, "hello".
Now, with "super-markets" you don't know anyones name. A visit to Pinelake
was like a visit to the home of a good friend.
As a child, a visit to the meat market always included a free slice of baloney.
What a treat that was.
Also, later when I brought my children, there was also always a trip to
Johnson's Tamales. Huge tamales with layer after layer of Masa. Can't
find those anymore.

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