Re: pinelake meat market

03/31/10 - posted by Bob Winkelbauer

I knew Pinelake market well. My father owned Gene's Richfield/Arco across the corner of 23rd from 1947 to 1983. From the mid 60's on I remember the corner store was Franks Liquors with a shared entrance way into Bargains Galore. The later was owned by a lady that sold discount merchandise. We use to call it the "junk store" although we got some good deals. I'm not sure if the markets where connected early on but they where split later and i remember a middle eastern family owning the left side market. Johnson's Tamales sold in 1975 to one of his employee's who worked there. Can't remember his name but he was a tall blond kit who lived a few houses away on 23rd. I still have a couple of boxes of Johnson Tamales matches (red cover blue lettering) and still use them today. I also recall Art Linkletter's dance studio and later the blue fish store on the corner of 24th.

I grew up at my Dad's service station. That area was the heart and sole of my childhood.

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