Re: Anyone Rember Barts and Leaguers?

08/31/05 - posted by jb

You needed to hit the Westlake Cleaners near Hunt's doughnuts on Southgate. 15 cents each and one shirt laundered there once saved my life when I was searching for hallucinogenics in the Amazon and was hit by a dart heading right to my jugular vein...but that's another story.

Suffice it to say, they starched 'em "S.I." stiff
and they were Caucasians. A Chinese family owned the Sai Woo Gardens next door to the cleaners; I think her name was Ethel. Now here is some real trivia...

My grandparents, Frank and Edna Rusalem, opened The Economy Laundry on 6th and Brannan in 1936 and introduced shirt laundry service for 7 cents or 2 for 15 cents. Not only were they laundered and pressed but my grandmother would turn collars, cuffs and replace cracked or missing buttons free of charge. They would do the laundry for many of the downtown hotels and when they fell behind in their payments, my grandparents would move into the hotel in exchange for the bill. Believe it or not, someplace, I have a collection of monogrammed classic SF hotel linens and wooden hangers. Will most likely never find them since I ain't moving again unless it's feet first, wrapped in a starched white sheet...and it (and me) better be "S.I." stiff.

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