Re: Anyone Rember Barts and Leaguers?

08/31/05 - posted by Frank Dunnigan

If there ever was a gathering spot for high school males in the 1960s, it was Bruce Bary in Stonestown. Their all-cotton sport shirts could hold a quart of starch in every collar--this was the standard that S.I. students (not the Jesuits) adopted as their look in the Fall of 1966. By the time I graduated in 1970, cotton-polyester blends had taken over the market, and they couldn't hold starch at all. At the height of this fashion craze, my mother refused to spend so much time starching and ironing my shirts, so I discovered Ping's Hand Laundry on Taraval near 21st Avenue. It took Mr. Ping a couple of tries to get enough starch in them, but he became an expert at it. Every week, I dropped off 5 shirts, and he soon recognized me and wrote "S.I. STARCH" on my laundry ticket.

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