Re: Anyone Rember Barts and Leaguers?

08/30/05 - posted by jb

Seriously, John, The Brothers put the kybosh on button-down collars? Seems I remember having to wrestle them away from the Riordan Clan at Bruce Barry. Chris Casola and Mike Calderon dragged me to the dry-cleaners in 8th grade to get enough starch in my collar that I could shave with it. They both went on to SI. As for the Barts...they were real althogh not always spectacular. I remember getting the sh*t kicked out me in 5th grade by Danny Sampino and Teddy Hunchberger over a black Army belt my unlce had just given me from his WW-II war chest. I still remember those two cretins got deported to Jefferson for bad behavior.
Westlake, as you may have experienced, was very insulated and we grew up in a fog; I had Filipino and Hispanic friends who, I thought, went to Marin every weekend to get good tans. Didn't have a Black kid im my class until 7th grade. Race back then didn't seem to matter...I took more hits being Jewish in a mostly Irish-Italian neighborhood but somehow, we all managed to get along. Ah, life before spray paint and blue baseball caps!

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