Re: Anyone Rember Barts and Leaguers?

09/03/05 - posted by Norm Stahl

There was -- of course -- a third group in the westlands that did not fit either the greaser look (the Barts from the length of Mission St.) or the Ivy League (soc) look of Lowell/SI, etc.

Those who followed a beach culture (surfers, etc.) in the 60's (before we all became drug smoking, hippie surfers) lived in baggies or Levi's, blue tennies preferrably with holes in them (called smiles by LA transplants), penneltons (or God forbid a clone), surf shop t-shirts (God forbid -- one from O'Neils), long scarves in winter, used cord jackets -- at times of dressing up, and underneath, boxers as they could serve as emergency boardshorts (if Sloat was breaking after school in Sept.). Pea jackets from the army/navy store on Market were also welcome on cold days as one stood around a driftwood/tire fire on Ocean Beach or at Pedro.

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