Re: Anyone Rember Barts and Leaguers?

08/31/05 - posted by jb

John Martini...come on down! Yes, it is a direct reference to that cheer which is still, I am please to report, very much alive and well. In 1989, a small group of old Westmoorons from '68, got together one Christmas and went downtown with a roll of singles and a head full of Irish coffee and fed the cups of as many street artists and mendicants as we could support...Thus spawned "The Weaselshit Society" and for the last 16 years, we keep doing it and the numbers seem to be growing. About 15 of us now. In 2000, we started gathering at one of the Weasels vacation home in Truckee and in 3 weeks, we'll gather again for 3 daze of commraderie, music and fishing and tell the same old jokes and stories that we are all too senile to remember or forget. It's rare to have friendships that last longer than a soccer season let alone ones from highschool yet many of us go back as far as grammar school. Two guys fly in from the East's pretty amazing what bonds form growing up in a fog.
ps: see ya in the Christopher Milk seats and we can sneek on down to the 40.

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