Re: Joe's of Westlake

06/29/05 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

I will definitely check it out tomorrow with someone in the office - perhaps Hal, if I can get in touch with him - best to get the info straight from the horse's mouth - so to speak - neigh neigh!! LOL!

Jewell - you can check out the Joe's of Westlake website ( for menus, drinks, etc. But that only tells a small part of the story - you've got to experience Joe's yourself - it's located in Daly City - across from the Westlake Shopping Center at Lake Merced Blvd and John Daly Blvd. The food, the waitstaff, the bar, the drinks - the music - the food (oops I said that already) and check out the dessert menu - the only place I know of that serves Fried Cream for dessert and brings it to you flaming in brandy.

Oh, and when you go to Joe's - be prepared to run into someone you know!!

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