Re: say it ain't so

06/29/05 - posted by jb

Jewell...thanks for asking. It is an Italina restaurant in the style of Original Joe's or Broadway Joe's (RIP) or even Stockton Joe's before Mike Varni (RIP)rolled his Corvette. I could write volumes and fall short. Best bet...grab a few friends and go. Any time of day is fine and 3pm will get you a short wait and a good seat but be sure and have 1 round in the bar. order something classic. like a martini or manhattan and you'll get change back from a $5.
Have the minestrone or the pastina and be sure to have the ravioli with whatever you order. My favorites are pot roast, fillet of sole dore or the Steak ala Bruno. If you go Thursday's, have the corned beef and cabbage. But a warning...the coffee is too weak to defend itself...and if you want dessert, hit Nations in the Westake Center for a slice of pie...and if you can't find anyone to go with, sit at the'll leave with a brand new bunch of old (and I mean old) friends plus a free show in a style of exhibition cooking that is now a lost art.

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