Re: say it ain't so

06/29/05 - posted by jb

Thanks Karyn!
Sure, it could be a rumor...but I heard it from a reliable source and really appreciate you checking it out. I think Hal is still there; I thought he and his family owned the place. Hope he isn't thinking about putting that Berkeley education to work and developing the area. He went to my highschool and we are having a multi-year reunion 1958-69 in August. I pitty the fool who is responsible if this is a rumor or for reals. Strangely, I feel like Ned Racine in the opening scene of "Body Heat" where he is watching a place from his childhood go up in flames. Lot's of places (most, in fact) come and go but Joe's is supposed to be immune to progress. That is what has made it so special and successful since 1958. If it goes, that leaves only Vals' Maloney's and my Dad's grave the only reasons lfft to go to Daly City.

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