Re: say it ain't so

06/29/05 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso

Well, It's around 6:30 pm and I just called Joe's of Westlake (650) 755-7400 and spoke to a very nice woman who assured me that Joe's IS NOT closing - not in January or any other time. Granted, she is probably part of the waitstaff and might not be aware of what the bigwigs are doing - so I will call again tomorrow and talk with somebody in the office - not sure if Hal Bobrow is still the General Manager (he was back in the 90's) - but I'm going to try to find out what's up. I can't imagine such an well-loved landmark institution closing - they still do an AMAZING business - always crowded - just about every night of the week!! The food is good and the prices are reasonable. Hey jb - Could it be just a rumor?

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