Re: say it ain't so

07/16/05 - posted by Hal Bobrow

IT AIN'T SO! Joe's of Westlake has never been for sale and it is not being sold and no condominiums are going on the land. It is a stupid rumor of which my employees and I are tired of explaining. We are continuing as we have for the past 49 years!

We assume that all the construction and changes in leases in the Westlake Shopping Center have fueled the rumors. We own the property and have nothing to do with the Westlake Shopping Center.

I hear so many people definitely say they heard it from a good source. Well, I am the best source. So believe me, it is all false rumor.

Thank you for your concern and we look forward to seeing you at the corner of John Daly and Lake Merced Blvds.

Hal Bobrow
Owner - Joe's of Westlake Restaurant

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