Re: Roller Derby at Kezar pavillian

07/30/06 - posted by Bob Bottarini

Karyn Ann:
Do you remember if Joe Foster worked for the PG & E
while he skated for the Bombers. My Uncle who lived on 41st
Ave. across from St. Gabriel's Church/School always got my cousin's and I free tickets to the Bomber's games from a fellow employee at PG & E who was a skater. Recently we were trying to remember the guys name and came up with Joe
Foster, although we were not sure. We went to the games at
both Kezar Pavilion and at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds.
My cousin recently sent me Ann Calvello's obituary. She died
in March at around 77 years of age. I also noticed that Joan
Weston died in 19997 at around 62. Another name I remember from the Bombers is Carol "Peanuts" Lowrey.

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