Roller Derby at Kezar pavillian

05/19/05 - posted by Rick

During the most of the 60's thru the early 70's
they held a regular Saturday afternoon Roller Derby game
at Kezar Pavillian.
KTVU ch 2 would broadcast a tape delay of the game
later that day, with a repeat on Sunday.
The anouncer was Walt Harris who also did All-star Wrestling.
The two biggest Roller Derby stars were Charlie O'connell
and Joanie Westin,( a huge blond lady)both members of the Bay Bombers team.
For my tenth birthday my mom agreed to take myself and a friend to Kezar for one of the games..
Mom (who had never seen it on TV) had no idea how rowdy and frankly lowlife a lot of the fans were. During that particular game there was a near riot in the stands and someone aparrently got stabbed.
All this of course scared poor mom half to death.
About a month later when i expressed the desire to go to another game she said NO WAY.
I went a couple more times by myself, and made up a lie about where i was going.(i know,not nice to lie to your mother)
We still laugh about it ever so often.
Then there was the time i took my girlfriend to Wrestling at the Cow Palace,but thats another story.

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