Re: Happy Holly

09/20/18 - posted by Willie Leighton

I've never forgotten little Happy Holly.
For some reason Mom always liked to get our Christmas picture with Santa taken at the White House toy-land. Can't remember if we were given the little 4" Happy Holly felt doll or she had to buy it.
I recently found a Happy Holly coloring book and in the back there's an advertisement for the little Happy Holly dolls (cost a $1.00 in the early 50's). I've been collecting the little felt dolls for years.
Most people don't remember Happy or the White House for that matter.
Our trip to the City from our home in San Lorenzo always included the rides atop the Emporium, a visit to the I.Magnin toy department and ended at the White House. Great memories.
I would post photos of the Happy Holly memorabilia I have but I don't know how to do that on this platform. If anyone can help let me know. Cheers. . . . .

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