Re: Captain Satellite, Mayor Art and other kid's TV hosts

05/18/05 - posted by Frank Dunnigan

Great topic...It's been a loooong time since I last thought of the name Skipper Sedley. He was the host of Popeye cartoons in pre-Mayor Art days. Then didn't he change channels & host afternoon reruns of The Three Stooges on Channel 2 in the early 1960s? Somewhere, I still have a copy of the hand-out they gave us when my best friend and I were in Mayor Art's audience in July of 1962, ages 10 & 11.

Does anybody else remember Brother Buzz...and Sister Bee? A couple of bee puppets--he was dressed up to resemble Mr. Peanut. Wasn't that the program where you would place a piece of Saran Wrap-like plastic on the TV screen and draw (with crayon) whatever device was needed to help them out of a jam? Or am I thinking of Crusader Rabbit and his Adventures? Whichever, both were on the air on either Saturday or Sunday mornings in the mid-1950s, I think on KRON, Channel 4.

How About Marshall J on Saturday mornings in the 1960s--Channel 7--with the Dalmatian that had 8 puppies on St. Patrick's Day? The poor cameraman was constantly having to swing around to avoid photographing dog poop for the live-TV audience at home.

Live TV was great, especially if you spotted someone you knew while you were watching from home.

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