Re: Captain Satellite, Mayor Art and other kid's TV hosts

11/26/13 - posted by Dan O

I was on the King Norman show, before I asked my question a stage hand told me to ask King Norman, " If that was his real hair?". King Norman had me tug , which I did delicately, and everyone laughed. The "Draw Bridge" was just a small prop that had a close-up camera on it.

With Mayor Art, he asked a kid if he knew a joke and the kid replied, " did you know Betty a Crocker is in the hospital?, and Mayor Art asked why, and the kid said, " Because she burned her buns". So much for live tv.

Then Skipper Sedely had a contest in which one had to guess how many cake mix boxes there where, and to send your reply on a postcard. I replied with a ketter saying that I didn't have a postcard, but if I could enter I would guess " X". I took 2nd place, an electric hand mixer and tickets to Fairyland at Lake Merriot in Oakland. Woo Woo.

Marshal "J"was a hoot, always said goodbye with, "So long, Vaquero's".

Those were the days.

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