Re: Captain Satellite, Mayor Art and other kid's TV hosts

05/17/05 - posted by Dave

I do remember Captain Satellite and Mayor Art. Weren't they both their station's weather reporters when they weren't doing kiddy shows?

It was a big deal for we kids when UHF channels first appeared in the late 60s. That was my introduction to all the old horror and sci-fi movies. These were shown only on Saturday nights and were a big treat in the days before home video.

My favorite program featured a character named Asmodeus. He hosted the old Universal horror classics from the 30s and 40s on KEMO Channel 20 (before it became a Spanish station). KTVU Channel 2's weatherman, Bob Wilkins, also hosted a horror/sci-fi movie show earlier in the evening, but it featured really awful movies that most viewers were expected to chuckle at.

When I was about 12 I went to a comic book shop to see Bob Wilkins in person, where he was signing photos. He barely acknowledged any of the kids lined up to see him, and he was rude and sarcastic the whole time I was there. Perhaps in another setting he may have been a nice person, but that experience left me with such a bad impression that it remains with me to this day.

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