Re: Captain Satellite, Mayor Art and other kid's TV hosts

06/04/06 - posted by Roy Rogers

Capt Fortune was a old bearded guy, resembling a Sea Captain. He sat next to a old wine stype barrel. When it was time, he would reach into the barrel, and up popped his puppet, John O'Copper (or similar). Then I believe a cartoon would play.

There was also a Buckskin Dan. He had a phoney mustache and dressed like a frontiersman. Without his costume, he did spots for adopting pets at the SPCA, commercials.

Lou Hurley, who later went on to becoming a traffic reporter, flying around SF reporting on traffic, in his helicopter. Anyway he did a show where they showed movies. He always had his dog, Myrtle with him. One time, he had been robbed, and did the show with black eyes....that was pretty shocking to witness, when you were a kid.

Mayor Art, Finley, used to put on the 4th of July Fireworks shows in SF, at the Marina Green. He also had a pm radio talk show about current events in SF. I always thought he would run for the real Mayor job, but he ended up going back to his Native Canada, and disappeared off the airways in the Bay Area

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