50's TV

05/18/05 - posted by Candis SmykHurlbut

Friendly TV viewers, especially Gloria, you aren't the only one who thought no one remembered Winky Dink! I thought it was an East Coast show, as I didn't see it out here. My stepdaughter was in the audience on Mayor Art once. I did watch Fireman Frank; George Le(La?) Mont had a comic strip (Chronicle?) for a while. And, I also watched Dance Party. One of the popular girls was in my homeroom at Herbert Hoover Jr Hi--name omitted to protect the guilty--everyone else thought she was cute, but to me she was conceited, mean, and amazingly ambitious. Oh, well, almost everyone (I'm not excusing me, either) is alien life at age 13! I did meet someone up here a few years back, from Redwood City, who had danced on Del Courtney's Saturday afternoon show. (I heard and saw Flaminco for the first time on that show. Dramatic guitar, song, and of course. the dancers.) Does anyone remember Del Courtney? And one more: (I thought this was East Coast, too) Rooty Kazooty? I swear on my parents' ashes, I'm not making this up! Rooty Kazooty. Stay tuned, and don't touch that dial--remember you didn't have a remote then-- and sing along, "Who is that boy? Who fills us with such joy? He's Rooty Kazooty!"

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