Captain Satellite, Mayor Art and other kid's TV hosts

05/16/05 - posted by Karyn Ann (Salisbury) Bosso - KarynAnnBosso<at>

Well, I don't remember Captain Fortune - I think he might have been a bit before my time. But, I do remember back in the early 60's there was Captain Satellite (real name: Bob March) who was on KTVU Channel 2 - with a kid's cartoon show in the afternoon - and he even had a helicopter type ride at Playland at the Beach for awhile. He became a teacher and a psychologist - and back in the 1980's I had him as an instructor at SF State for a "Psychology of the Media" course.

Then there was also Mayor Art (real name Art Findley) who hosted the Popeye cartoons - kids could apply to go on his show and sit in the "City Council" - where all the kids wore big gray felt tophats. I remember that when it was time for a Popeye cartoon - he would cue all the kids in the "City Council" to yell "Bluey-Bluey". I was on the show once.

There was also another kid's TV host named "Skipper Sedley" but I don't remember too much about him. And, of course, in addition to Bob March's Captain Satellite on KTVU Channel 2 - there was also "Charley Horse" show with Pat McCormack - the puppet characters that hosted the show were Charley Horse (a horse), Humphrey Hambone (a dog) and Shagnasty (I think he was a bear???)

Anybody have any other San Francisco children's TV memories to add?

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