Re: McGee's Coffee Shop

02/09/17 - posted by Stu

Officer Merrill gave me a ride on his horse from 44th to 46th Ave / Noriega. I will never forget that. I knew Karen as she lived on the next block (1600 block) from me.

As for McGee's, you would see him walking home after work....

Someone mentioned a donut shop across from McGees, but I don't recall that.
The poultry place turned into Chicken Delight as I recall.
Then I think Chicken Delight moved to the corner of 45th.
The ice cream store was 'Rainbow Ice Cream'. I think its the bar now.

How about the slot car track and Borries (SP?) TV/ record shop on Noriega between 44th and 45th?

I won't mention names , but our neighbor on 46th married one of the girls who worked at the FotoMat on 46th / Noriega.

It's so different out there now; you wouldn't recognize it.

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