Ray's Toy Village

03/05/05 - posted by Ken Englund - kenglund<at>usamedia.tv

Saturday mornings were fun. After listening to the radio show "There's No School Today with Big Jon and Sparky"
I'd head over to Ray's Toy Village on West Portal. Toy Village always had the newest toys...the ones you saw advertised on TV shows. Mattel and Remco were a few of the big names. "Every boy wants a Remco toy...and so do girls!" Ray was usually there and he had other clerks...was one Nancy? They were pretty good about letting us look at all the new things and letting us handle some of them. I actually bought some toys there but most of the time, I didn't have a much money so I'd go down West Portal to Woolworths. Their stuff seemed to be cheaper...in price and quality.

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