Re: Does anyone remember the St. Francis Riding Academy?

08/14/13 - posted by Ron Williams

St. Francis Riding Academy

I lived on 7th Ave near Fulton in 1950 and 51, next door to the St. Francis Riding Academy when I was in the 1st and 2nd Grade went to Frank McCoppin elementary school 2 blocks away. As a kid of 7 the black smith fascinated me, I actually saw and help the blacksmith, I was also allowed to comb and brush the horses, feed them oats.

It was a beautiful building much like the Armory on Mission St and Duboce. There was a huge dressage arena with seats all around with for spectators. My recollection, are vague but I learned to ride and was taken in a group when there were lots of hose paths in Golden Gate park. I would love see photo of the place, it seems so obscure now.

I left in 1952 and went to live with my grand parents in Mendocino country, couple of year later I came back to San Francisco and the Riding Academy had been town down and Safeway had built a store there. Also looking for photos.
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