Re: Christmas Lights in the Sunset

09/27/18 - posted by Thomas Whiteley

Our family came from Ireland, in the 1850's, settled in San Francisco, and we are related to father Peter Christopher Yorke, a well known Catholic Priest who helped the working class.

My grandfather (born 1890) raised us along with my mother, and we were never told that we should hate anyone. One of my closest friends, since childhood, is Chinese American.

We were taught that there are two kinds of people: Good, and those to avoid! :) I attended Mission High, and had friends of all flavors. I am 76, and have no place in my life for anyone who hates others because of race, or religion. The most important thing to me is family.

I have made a point to help others, all my life. That is something that I accomplished while in the military, as well as my working career. When I meet anyone who expresses hatred towards anyone, I let them know how I feel. Perhaps because I am 6' 7" tall, people listen to me! :) Then again, it could be because of what I say and how I say it.

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