Re: Christmas Lights in the Sunset

11/20/04 - posted by Robin

It's all a sad story but at least you are still here. The level of intelligence and undersanding and teaching in those days was much inferior than today. The racist attitudes were just a reflection of the low intelligence that called herself your teacher.

At least you went to Lowell high school which might have had better teaching. In the schools I attended, I can hardly recall one teacher in those days that ever taught a class the way a class should have been taught.

Instead of encouraging you to learn, they treated you like it was your obligation to learn and if you didn't do so there would be hell to pay. Well, you know what, a lot of us are not capable of being forced to do things. We reject force. We wanted to punch our teachers out with that kind of forceful attitude. We couldn't stand it. So how can anyone learn anything when we hated the teachers guts from the beginning.

Kindergarten through high school are nothing but seriously painful memories for me. Had all of us in this city gone to a school where teachers really cared and wanted to see their kids do well, everyone would have had a fantastic education. Instead, we all graduated from high school not knowing our behinds from our heads.

It's really a sad and pathetic thing because those times of youth are so very precious and the way you are developed during that time can have a great affect on the path you take for your entire future.

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