Re: “Classic San Francisco, From Ocean Beach to Mission Bay” by Frank Dunnigan

12/24/19 - posted by Jackie Phillips

Thanks for posting about this book. This is the first time I have heard of it. Sounds fascinating. I was born and raised in SF during the 1960's and 1970' and I always love hearing about other people's memories of San Francisco, especially if the person was a child. I have discovered that seeing San Francisco through the eyes of a child is completely different than seeing SF through the eyes of an adult. The adult is always thinking about driving a car and the weather and crowds and shopping. A child sees the beaches and the parks and where they can ride a bike and see animals and go to fun places to explore like Academy of Sciences the Golden Gate Park and the Zoo and, of course, driving across the two bridges and playing games like counting the railings and the blue Volkswagens and white trucks. San Francisco will always remain a giant playground to me, and I am always searching for that next nook or cranny in which to hide and hang out with my dogs.

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