Re: West of Twin Peaks, Swimming

07/22/19 - posted by John Martini

I went to S.I. during the transition from AAA to WCAL leagues. As Pat Cuneen noted, no SF high schools at that time had their own pools, and I can tell you what a pain it was to travel to public pools for practice.

When I first started swimming, we worked out at Hamilton Pool and had to take the 38 Geary from Stanyan St. to Geary & Fillmore. After a year of that, we worked out a deal with the Boys Club on Page St. to practice there.

(What I found especially galling was that Rossi Pool was only about three blocks from S.I. However, either the teams from Washington or Poly already had dibs on swimming there.)

While the Boys Club was much closer (only 7 blocks from campus) it was a galaxy away culturally. This was 1966-1967, the height of the Haight-Ashbury scene, and the walk to the Boys Club was a real eye-opener for a bunch of 15- and 16-year old Catholic school boys. That's another posting.

The worst part of these off-campus swims was the bus ride(s) home. I lived in Westlake, close to Pat's old fire station, and the trip to Daly City involved two or three MUNI buses, a jitney from Stonestown to the Westlake Shopping Center, and a mile-walk uphill home in the dark. (All that was missing was walking barefoot in the snow.)

Old Fudd Alert: kids these days, they don't know how good they have it.

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