Re: West of Twin Peaks, Baseball

06/25/19 - posted by Mary-Ann

Dear Jim,

When was the time period you were playing baseball and softball? II'm asking because when I was in school in the '40s, football and basketball were the most popular sports at school. We had other sports' teams at school but I don't think they got the attention that basketball and football got. I went to Washington.

Our neighborhood playground, Cabrillo, had basketball and tennis courts, an area that saw a kickball game once in a while and the swings, slides, rings and ladders for the younger kids.

Don't get me wrong - I love baseball. I'm talking about the time before the Giants came to town - we did have the Seals - but I just don't remember baseball being that big an activity.

I'm hoping you are from a later time period and would love to see others who grew up in later years share some of their memories of growing up in the outer neighborhoods of San Francisco.


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