West of Twin Peaks, Baseball

06/18/19 - posted by Jim Heiser - paladin1868<at>yahoo.com

Baseball began for me as a member of the Holy Name Softball Team in the West of Twin Peaks CYO Division. We played our home games on the softball diamond at West Sunset; and we played away at South Sunset, Sunset, Parkside Square, Larsen and Aptos.

Later I played Midgets at South Sunset for three years and played games all around The City with the recreation and park dept. even at Marshbanks in Daly City League and Parkmerced; as I grew older I played for the school and in any league that would have me. Games all over The City - Big Rec, Silver Terrace, Balboa, Marina (first time under the lights) and Jackson.

After High School I played in the Manger's League at Big Rec on Sundays, and then moved on to softball again, playing week night games with the same guys I played ball with a Lincoln.

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