Re: D-Day: The 6th of June, 1944

06/06/19 - posted by Paul Judge

Hey Mary-Ann, knew you'd show up faithfully remembering the significance of this date, especially on the 75th Anniversary.

Just emailed you a version of Charles Schulz "June 6, 1944, To Remember" Peanuts strip with 'dogface GI' Snoopy crawling through obstacles onto "Omaha Beach". One of the five Normandy beaches landed on by U.S., British, and Canadian forces.

On his Facebook site Frank Dunnigan has posted the large font headline from the SF Chronicle late on June 6th 1944 about the invasion of Normandy.

Perusing the "Search Message" window here are some, yet likely not all, previous years posts remembering this significant day in history.,0#msgtitle,3#msgtitle,0#msgtitle

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