Re: Many Outside Lands Homes Have Asbestos

07/14/19 - posted by Anjuli Ambani

Actually, I'm a little surprised about your ignorance. But then again, I'm guessing you must have been born in the 90's and your parents didn't talk to you about the "olden days" because it would be almost impossible NOT to know that asbestos was used in homes right across the entire globe, in practically every country (not just the USA) between the 50's and the 70's. Not knowing would be tantamount to hearing someone in say 2040 being shocked that we use plastic in everything these days - because you can bet that within the next 20 years we won't be producing plastic, it will be outlawed and considered just as toxic to this planet as asbestos was 50 years ago.

ks... You explained it very well.

And Nick, the popcorn ceilings... that stuff is called vermiculite. "Vermiculite itself has not been shown to be a health problem. However, some vermiculite insulation contained asbestos fibres, which can cause problems if inhaled. ... However, if you believe that your home may contain vermiculite insulation, it is reasonable to assume that it may be contaminated with asbestos"

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